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Highly Resistant, Proctective and Insulating Conformal Coating - RED

Urethane Red is a high-quality single component polyurethane lacquer that protects and insulates PC boards, electrical motors, transformers, electronic equipment and components. It offers protection from different environmental conditions such as humidity, salty corrosive vapors, fungus and thermal and mechanical stress. It forms a hard, stable, flexible, non-conductive and wear resistant film with excellent adherence.

Urehtane Red allows an easy control of the covered places by a visual check.

Technical Data
Appearence red covers
Specific gravity 0,80 g/cm³
Viscosity 12s (DIN 53211)
against diluted acids
and alkalis humid salty,
salty vapors alcohol fungus,
thermal and mechanical stress
chlorinated solvents
Temperature range -40 - 120 [° C]
Dielectric strength 35,0 kV/mm
Dielectric constant 3,8 (100 Hz)
Resistivity 5 x 1013 Ohm
Surface resistance 2,5 x 1012 Ohm
Drying time approx. 25 min dry to touch
approx. 48 h totally cured
Unit Sizes 400 ml
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans (400 ml)
Art.-Nr. 1651611 (400 ml)