Anti-Seize Compounds

White Ceramic Paste

Product Information        

This metal and graphite-free assembly paste ensures easy removal of treated parts even after years of service. Ideally suited for threaded connections on components and fits subjected to high thermal loads. Prevents seizing, baking or galling (e.g., on stainless steel), as well as stick-slip motion at low traversing or feed speeds. The product is highly resistant against chemicals.

Technical Data
Appearance White paste
Base Oil/Filler Ceramic
Particle Size < 40 µm
NLGI Consistency Class 2-3
Temperature Range -30°C to 1400°C
Unit Sizes 250/500 g
1 kg
Units/Carton 12 Brush Tops  (250 g)
12 Tins                (500 g)
12 Tins                (1 kg)
Art.-No. 250 g    VBK 25
500 g    VBK 50
1 kg       VBK 100