Varybond Bearing Lubricant

Product Information        

Excellent lubricant for fast and slow-running antifriction bearings. Because the special polyurea thickener adds structural stability, Red Bearing Lubricant has a decidedly longer service life than commercial lubricants and is especially indicated for applications requiring long-term lubrication.

Technical Data
Appearance Beige Paste
Thickener Polyurea
NLGI Consistency Class 1 - 2
Dropping Point 250 °C
Temperature Range -25 °C to 170 °C
(peaks of 200 °C)
Unit Sizes 400 g
15 kg
Units/Carton 12 Tins                (400 g)
12 Cartridges      (400 g)
1   Bucket            (15 kg)
Art.-Nr. VSR 140 (400 g)
VSRC 1 (400 g)
VSR 35B (15 kg)