SCRUBS In-A-Bucket - Hand Cleaner Towels


Product Information        

Mobile and highly efficient hand cleansing and parts cleaning system. Pre-moistened towels need no water. Quick, gentle and thorough removal of intensive soiling, such as greases, oils, adhesives, tar, wax, soot, paint, ink, sealants, polyurethane (PU), etc. Once hands have been cleansed, the towels retain more than enough effective cleaning power for tools and equipment. Napped side removes stubborn soils. Smooth side for gentle hand cleansing.

IMPA Code: 550287

Technical Data
Description Moist towels
Colour Blue
Towel Size 27 x 31 cm
Scent Orange
IMPA Code: 550287
Unit Sizes 72 Towels/Container
Units/Carton 6 Pails
Art.-Nr. DY42272