Product Information        

Mild, Universal Cleaner with a purity of >99,9%

ISOPROPANOL is a mild and universal cleaner its excellent wetting and dissolving ability guarantees quick and reliable removal of contamination such as oil, dust, fingerprints and all kind of light dirt. ISOPROPANOL does not attack any material and evaporates quickly without leaving any residues.

Technical Data
Colour clear
Density at 25° C 0,78 g/cm³
Viscosity 2,43 mPas
Surface tension 22,8 mN/m
Evaporation very quick and complete
Purity 99,9 %
Unit Sizes 200/400 ml
1 l
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans (200 ml)
12 Spray cans (400 ml)
12 Tins (1 l)
Art.-Nr. 4021411 (200 ml)
4021611 (400 ml)
402841 (1 l)