Cleaner and degreasers

VB 02 Brake & Assembly Cleaner

Product Information

Ideal for surface preparation of bonding or sealing surfaces. Particularly suitable for quick removal of oil, contaminants and brake dust from disk brakes and brake components such as brake blocks, rotors, anchor plates and brake shoes. The product is also preferred as a conditioner for surfaces to be painted or bonded. Due to rapid evaporation, short-term exposure will not irritate skin or affect rubber parts or brake seals.

Technical Data
Description Aerosol spray / Bulk product
Colour Colourless
Evaporation Rapid
Residues None
Gebindegröße 500 ml
5/10 l
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans (500 ml)
4 Canisters (5 l)
1 Canister (10 l)
Art.-Nr. 500 ml 188171VAR
5 l VP 2901.06II
10 l VP 2901.05II