Protective and lubricating agents


Product Information        

Protects and Cleans Metal Surfaces, Penetrates and Lubricates.

ANTIKORR protects ferrous and non ferrous metals during production, transport and storage. lt also protects and cleans metal surfaces, displaces and seals out moisture, penetrates and lubricates, loosens rusted and frozen parts, nuts and bolts. ANTIKORR penetrates through rust and soil, leaves a clear invisible film, safe to use, meets Mil. Specs. C-81309E, C-372C and contains no CFC or chlorinated solvents.

Technical Data
Color blueish
Odor characteristic, mild
Film thickness 1 - 2 µm
Boiling range of the solvents
180°C - 210 °C
Temperature range bis 150 °C
Viscosity oil (40° C)  32 mm²/s
Specific gravity (20° C) 3 mm²/s
Dielectric strengh 31, 5 kV/mm
Corrosion resistance 9 months indoor
Unit Sizes 400 ml
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans (400 ml)
Art.-Nr. 1631611 (400 ml)