Assembly Cements

16 - 03

Product Information

Particularly suitable for fixing shafts, bearings, sleeves and gears in as-supplied condition, i.e., without requiring prior cleaning. Also installs ball bearings and oil-impregnated bronze bushings. Excellent hardening properties even at lower temperatures and on passive metal surfaces.

The product is not classified according to CLP regulations.

Technical Data
Colour Green
Hardening System anaerobic
Cured Strength High
Gewindegröße bis M12
Viscosity mPa·s
Spindle RPM 1/20

100 - 150
Temperature Range -55°C bis +150°C
Density 1,07 g/cm3
Gap Width 0,15 mm
Tack-free To Touch 5 - 10 min.
Unit Sizes 50 ml
Units/Carton 10 Bottles
Art.-Nr. 50 ml VA3 16-03