Pipe Thread Sealants

15 - 86

Product Information

General-purpose product with specific suitability for high-strength pipe thread connections requiring high temperature and media resistance. Also used to install stud bolts. Provides gap bridging properties.

Conforms to DIN EN 751-1(DVGW).

Technical Data
Consistency liquid, hardening
Hardening System anareobic
Cured Strength high
Temperature Range -55°C bis +150°C
Viscosity mPas
Spindel RPM/min 4/20

6000 - 7000
Density 1,1 g/cm3
Thread Size Max. R 2
Colour red
Gap Filling Width thru 0,30 mm
Final Strength 24 h
Breakaway Torque 25 - 35 Nm (M10)
Unit Sizes 50/250 g
Units / Carton 10 bottles
Art.-No. 50 ml VA3 15-86
250 ml VA4 15-86