Pipe Thread Sealants

15-72 mit PTFE

Product Information

PTFE-filled adhesive with a low friction coefficient. Specially formulated for easy disassembly of coarse-threaded joints on metal pipes requiring slow pipe sealant hardening. Suitable in particular for pipe joints with tapered or cylindrical threads (e.g., Whitworth B.S.P. threads) to DIN 2999. This flexible and chemical-resistant adhesive features a ductile yield before breakage in excess of 100%.

Conforms to DIN EN 751-1.

The product is not classified according to CLP regulations.

Technical Data
Consistency liquid, hardening
Hardening System anareobic
Cured Strength low
Temperature Range -55°C to +150°C
Viscosity mPa·s
Spindle RPM 6/2.5
Spindle RPM 6/20

40000 - 60000
15000 - 20000 
Density 1,0 g/cm3
Thread Size thru R 3
Colour white
Gap Filling Width thru 0,07 mm
Dry Time 1 - 3 h
Breakaway Torque 5 - 8 Nm
Unit Sizes 50/250 g
Units/Carton 6 Bellows (50 ml)
10 Tubes (250 ml)
Art.-Nr. 50 ml VA3 15-72
250 ml VA4 15-72