Product Information        

Transparent Heat-resistant Silicone-based Conformal Coating for PCBs.

ISOTEMP is a heat-, moisture- and water-resistant protective silicone coating, intended for use in electronics especially for rigid and flexible PC boards. lt retains its effectiveness up to 500° C. In addition, it is flame retardant, elastic and well-bonding. ISOTEMP is suitable for sealing components from humidity, salt, fungus and corrosive vapors.

Technical Data
Appearance yellowish
Specify gravity 0,80 g/cm³
Viscosity at 23° C 220 - 330 mPas
Content not volatile compounds 50%
Temperature range -45 to 500 [° C]
Dielectric strength 110 kV/mm
Dielectric constant 3,09 (DIN 53483)
Surface resistance 7,5 x 016 Ohm
Unit Sizes 200 ml
1 l
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans (200 ml)
12 Tins (1 l)
Art.-Nr. 1221411 (200 ml)
122841 (1 l)