Thread Locking Compounds


Product Information

High-strength product for heavy-duty and temperature resistant threaded connections and pipe thread seals. Secures and seals cap screws, stud bolts, nuts and threaded inserts. Protects against impact, vibration, and corrosion. High viscosity provides additional gap filling properties. Depending on thread diameter, breakout or removal is difficult to ineffective.

Technical Data
Cured Strength high- and heat resistent
Temperature Range -55°C bis +200°C
Viscosity mPa·s
Spindle RPM 4/20

8000 - 1200
Density 1,1 g/cm3
Thread Size thru M36
Colour Red
Gap Filling Width thru 0,20 mm
Dry Time 3 - 6 h
Breakaway Torque > 23 Nm
Unit Sizes 50 ml
Units/Carton 10 Bottles
Art.-Nr. 50 ml VA3 12-75