Thread Locking Compounds


Product Information

Thread Locking Compound for general-purpose applications. Specially formulated for high-strength threaded connections. Used in installations of stud bolts and ball and roller bearings that do not normally require subsequent removal.

The product is not classified according to CLP regulations.

Technical Data
Cured Strength high
Temperature Range -55°C bis +150°C
Viscosity mPa·s
Spindle RPM 2/20

400 - 600
Density 1,11 g/cm3
Thread Size thru M20
Colour green
Gap Filling Width bis 0,15 mm
Dry Time 1 - 3 h
Breakaway Torque > 30 Nm
Unit Sizes 50/250 g
Units/Carton 10 Flaschen
Art.-Nr. 50 ml VA3 12-71
250 ml VA4 12-71