Thread Locking Compounds


Product Information

General-purpose product of average viscosity. Ideal for thread connections requiring easy disassembly. Max. thread diameter of M36, and max. thread reach of 2x thread diameter. Also used for securing metering or adjusting screws with fine thread.

The product is not classified according to CLP regulations.

Technical Data
Cured Strength
Temperatur Range
-55°C to +150°C
Viscosity mPas
Spindle RPM 2/20

800 - 1200
Breakwaway Torque 4 - 7 Nm (M10)
Thread Size thru M12
Colour Purple
Gap Filling Width Thru 0.2 mm
Dry Time 1 - 3 h
Density 1,09 g/ml
Unit Sizes 50/250 ml
Units/Carton 10 Bottles
Art.-Nr. 50 ml VA3 12-41
250 ml VA4 12-41