Protective and lubricating agents


Product Information        

Grease-free, PTFE-based Lubricant and Parting Agent.

SPRAYFLON is a highly efficient, PTFE-based, dry-film lubricant. lt forms a slippery, transparent film with excellent anti-stick properties on plastic, glass, metal, wood or other materials. SPRAYFLON is stable within a wide range of temperatures from -100° C up to +260° C. SPRAYFLON is resistant to chemicals, electrically insulating, and permits clean work.

Technical Data
Color whitish
Odor that of solvents
Density film at 25° C 0,72 g/cm³
Hardness at 25° C
0,5 mm (Nadelpenetration
ASTM D 1321-57T)
Temperature range
to +250 [° C]
Friction index
0.1 (wood/wood)
Unit Sizes 200 ml
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans
Art.-Nr. 1131411