Protective and lubricating agents


Product Information        

Viscous, Long-Lasting Insulating and Lubricating Oil.

SILICONE is a high-quality, viscous insulating oil with a breakdown voltage of 12 kV/mm. lt does not dry up, is water-repellent and therefore an excellent moisture buffer. SILICONE is also a good universal lubricating agent. lt is stable within a wide range of temperatures from -50° C up to +200° C, does not attack any engineering material, and is non-toxic.

Technical Data
Appearance clear, colourless liquid
Odor mild
Density aerosol at 25° C 0,97 g/cm³
Viscosity film at 25° C
1000 mm2 /s
Compatibility of materials
very good
Thermal conductivity
0,16 W/m K
Dielectric constant at 25° C
2,8 (0,5 bis 100 kHz)
Temperature resistance
-50° C bis +200° C
Unit Sizes 200/400 ml
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans (200 ml)
12 Spray cans (400 ml)
Art.-Nr. 1121411 (200 ml)
1121611 (400 ml)