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SPRAYOIL High-grade Lubricant and Anticorrosion Agent.

SPRAYOIL is a powerful, very fluid, acid-free lubricant showing excellent emergency running properties. Its lubricating film is persistent and does not become gummy. Moreover, it repells water and moisture, thus ensuring durable and reliable corrosion protection. SPRAYOIL remains effective within a wide range of temperatures from -40° C to +175° C and meets the requirements of standard ISO VG 10.

Technical Data
clear, yellowish liquid
Odor mild
Density aerosol at 20° C
0,78 g/cm³
Compatibility with materials good
Temperature resistance
-40° C bis +250° C
Viscosity film at 40° C
10 mm²/s
Unit Sizes 200 ml
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans
Art.-Nr. 1111411