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CONTACLEAN efficiently removes oxide and sulphide layers from metallic contact surfaces of any kind. Simultaneously, special inhibitors ensure long-lasting lubrication and corrosion protection. Reduces contact resistance that leads to failures, and eliminates voltage drops. Durable preservation of the perfect operational reliability of all electro-mechanical contacts. CONTACLEAN has been a well-proven agent in radio and television engineering as well as in laboratory and after-sales service for a long time.

Appearance reddish liquid
Odor characteristic
Density at 25° C
0,73 g/cm³
Reduction of contact resistance
< 2 mOhm
Temperature resistance up to + 80 [° C]
Residue oily film
Material compatibility good
Unit Sizes 200/400 ml
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans (200 ml)
12 Spray cans (400 ml)
Art.-Nr. 1011411 (200 ml)
1011611 (400 ml)
Technical Data