Special sprays


Product Information        
Easily removes ink, paper and toner residue
PRINTER contains an optimal mixture of solvents for removing ink and toner residue from inkjet and laser printers. Paper dust can be cleaned equally effectively from printer feed rollers. Annoying problems with the paper feed are eliminated. The antistatic effect delays re-soiling. PRINTER does not attack the most common materials and evaporates without leaving any residue.
Technical Data
Colour transparent, clear
Scent perfume
Density 0.69 g / cm³
Evaporation speed rapid
Cleaning very good (with grease, ink, toner and paper residue)
Material compatibility very good
Unit Sizes 200 ml
Unit Sizes 12 Spray cans (200 ml)
1301411 (200 ml)
1301611 (400 ml)
1301411 (200 ml)
1301611 (400 ml)
1361411 (200 ml)