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Removes Adhesive Labels Easily and Quickly.

With LABEL-OFF the tiresome removal of adhesive paper labels from all kind of material becomes easy and quick without damaging the surface. The desolving substance penetrates the paper and neutralizes the label’s adhesive strength. Residues of glue can readily be wiped off using a cloth or paper. Due to the strong dissolving power of LABEL-OFF, a few materials such as polystyrene may be attacked by the substance. In case of doubt, make a test on a small area.


Technical Data
Color    colorless
Density 0,69 g/cm³
Density that of orange
Evaporation rate    slow
Compatibillty with materials
glass, metal and
hardened laquer surface
Plastic, e.g. PVC, Acrylate,
ABS, Polyamide
not compatible:
with Polystyrene,
Unit Sizes    200/400 ml
5 l

12 Spray cans (200 ml)
12 Spray cans (400 ml)
4 Canisters (5 l)
Art.-Nr 1341411 (200 ml)
1341611 (400 ml)
134854 (5 l)