* NEW * - non-flammable Aerosols

BOOSTER with R1234ZE

Product Information        

High pressure nonflammable Duster with extra strength.

BOOSTER is an ultra strength, nonflammable duster for professional cleaning of heavy duty contaminates at hard to reach areas. A new special technology effects that the liquefied gas evaporates immediately after the actuator and builds up extremely powerful pressure. The unique valve technology used products a pressure which is four times as powerful as normal dusters.

The new product contains R1234ZE as propellant and is a substitute product for the old one containing R134A.

Technical Data
Odor none
Density at 25° C 1,20 g/cm³
Flashpoint none
Evaporation complete
RoHS-conform yes
Unit Sizes 500 g
Units/Carton 12 Spray cans
Art.-Nr 481711