Product Information        

Transparent Conformal Coating for PC Boards and Electronic Components with high viscosity and UV-indicator.

PLASTIK HIGH VISCOSITY is based on an acrylic resin particularly suitable for electronics. It forms a shiny, flexible and protective film, that is resistant to acids, salt, fungus, corrosive vapours, thermal stress mechanical abuse, alkalis, alcohol, moisture, and tough environmental conditions. It retains its effectiveness within a wide range of temperatures from -70° C to +120° C. PLASTIK HIGH VISCOSITY adheres to various materials such as metal, plastics, wood, glass, etc. It does not drip and permits soldering through its own layer.

Technical Data
Colour transparent
Creepage current strength (CTI) > 600 V
Temperature range -70°C bis +100°C
Viscosity (DIN 53211) ca. 30 s
Density 0,925 g/cm³
Dielectric strength 21 kV/mm
Surface resistance 5 x 1014 Ohm
Insulation resistance 1014 Ohm
Unit Sizes 5/20  l
Units/Carton 4 Canisters (5 l)
1 Canister (20 l)
Art.-Nr. 884854 (5 l)
884860 (20 l)